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                                        Original Force 12 Installation, Fall 2005

After 17 years with a TH-3 and wires, I was getting more active with HF contesting, so it was time to upgrade. I had my eyes set on a "big" tribander and some gain on 40 meters. After looking at antenna specs for months, it seemed as though some Force 12's were exactly what I was looking for. After talking with Tom, I ordered a C-31XR and an EF-240X. I also ran across a deal on a TH-6, some tower, guy posts and more. The TH-6 found a home on top of the 82 ' tower (this tower wouldn't hold the wind load of the F-12's). To prepare for the load the F-12's would put on the shorter tower, the guy posts were set in 1 1/4 yards of concrete each. The F-12's were assembled and in November, 2005, installation took place. The C-31 ended up at 61' and the EF-240X is at 75'. In several of the photos, you can see the second tower with the pair of 432's @ 95 and 100', the 2M5WL@ 90', and the TH-6 @ 85'.

Many thanks to Kevin, W5KGT, on the tower and also Benson, AE5V, Thomas, KD5OQC and Tommy, N5KWB as the ground crew.

In the Spring of 09, Scott, (W5WZ.com) was stacking his two (2) Force 12 C-51's, and needed a third matching radiator. He ended up with my C-31, and I got his KT-34xa.


Concrete left below grade, but ring brought above grade, to ease weeding

Takes lots of concrete to fill a 5 X 4 X 2 hole, (for each guy post)

Installing elements on the C-31

C-31XR ready for installation


Another view of C-31XR, just before installation


                                                W5KGT @ 60 ft, getting ready                                         W5KGT prepping the mast


                      Raising the 2 el 40                                       EF-240X in place 

                    Mast is 21' of 1026 DOM 2" OD, 1/4 wall  - weight is 105#    


Getting the two lined up    


                F-12's in place                                                   Close-up view of F-12's        


A unique perspective