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New Rohn 55 Tower Installation, Summer/Fall 2010

After an accident in the Fall of 2009 took down an 85' Rohn 25 tower and 6 antenna, I realized it also gave me a clean slate to work with. I acquired about 28 feet of 5" X 7" X 3/8 "tool bar", perfect for making guy posts. Over the winter of 2009, these were built and Rohn 55 tower sections were secured. 

In the Spring of 2010, site work was begun. The holes for guy posts (2' X 4' X 5')and tower base (33" X 33" X 54") were all slightly larger than spec called for, and a total of 5 yards of concrete were poured. Plans were to allow it to cure for the requisite 30 days, but the summer of 2010 was much hotter in Louisiana than usual. We had several record breaking high temp days, and a long string of over 100 degree days as well. This caused most outdoor work to be put off until temps break in the fall. Since it was previously owned, the entire tower has been cleaned and re-shot with cold galvanize. 

rebar cage and 9' guy post ready for hole       Scott, W5WZ, digging hole for guy post

    Hole for tower base - 33" x 33" x 54"            Base plumbed and ready for concrete

  Form for above ground "cap" is 45" x 48"     Base section sitting on about 6" of rock

  Guy post concrete almost finished                                    Tower base finished

Another view of tower base                                                    Yes, it IS plumb

Fall 2010, Stacking Day - Its finally cool enough to work outside. 

We got 96' stacked the first day, and finished at a height of 124' the next week.

The 3 TIC rings were installed on the ground - MUCH faster than in the air.

Photos here down by Gene Hayes, AC5EU.   Click photo for close-up


Final testing of TIC ring rotor                            4 el 15 and 4 el 20, ready to go up


Final Safety Instructions                    Bobby, WM5H, staging tower sections


Making fast progress                                    Hoisting guy wires to installers


Stacking the mid sections. To save time, guy brackets installed before raising


Capstan winch speeds job                      Section w/ bracket and TIC already installed

K5RUS and I bought it just before        Almost 250# lift was no trouble for winch

this project                                                3" x 16' HD gin pole didn't even flex


The crew - KB5YEG, W5WZ, K5ER,                    Tower as used Winter 2010/Spring 2011

W5KGT, WM5H, and N5LSP                                4el15 @ 72', 4 el 20 @ 80'

Thanks, Guys!!                                                         More to be added in 2011!