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I have dabbled in many facets in Amateur Radio, including Satellite, VHF weak signal, Public service/ARES, kit building, antenna modeling and building and more. Currently, my main interests involve tower/antenna building, contesting and chasing DX. 

I live just northeast of Monroe, Louisiana, in the Swartz community. Louisiana has Parishes rather than counties, and mine is Ouachita (pronounced WASH-i tah). My property (1 acre) sits at 90'ASL. I am in grid EM32xn, CQ zone 4, ITU zone 7.

Out of all I have learned in my Amateur "career", three quotes stand out:

For everyday operating..."A resonant antenna for each band will save you lots of headaches over the years" - WA5YOU

For contesting ... "Just turn on the amp and think LOUD!" - NN1N

For station building ... "A competitive station isn't built overnight. It takes lots of research, planning and implementation. Try to do at least one thing every day and eventually, you will reach your goal" - WE3C

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Mark, K5ER


Charter member and Past President of Louisiana Contest Club. Visit our web site,, here

"Putting Louisiana on the contest map"