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My "Shack" is a stand alone building about 75 feet from the house. Total size is 26 x 12, with the right 12 feet used for storage, and the left 14 x 12 area air conditioned and heated. I can run the house, the shack, or both, from commercial mains or natural gas fired generator. The basic layout is a complete multi-2  station, with a work bench on one end, book cases on the other, and a desk opposite the operating positions as a place to handle correspondence, serve pizza to guest ops, etc.

This design has worked well over the years, with the three VHF rigs, rotor controllers, amps, and VHF logging computer on the left operating position, while the HF rigs, amp, rotor controllers, SO2R, and HF logging computer occupy the right position. 

In the last few years, I have concentrated less on VHF and more on HF. For an HF, Multi-2 operation,  the band decoder cables, BPF and rotor controller are moved, and in about 15 minutes, we are ready.

My wife, who is also a ham, is very understanding and supportive of my contesting addiction. Since I moved the shack out of the house, she helped me with several "key" decorating items, such as a refrigerator, microwave, and phone with the pizza delivery number programmed into speed dial. She even asked me once "Don't you need those towers to be higher so they will work better?" Yep, she's a keeper!!

For a list of current equipment, please see the "Equipment" page.

To view some photos of the current configuration, please visit the "Shack Photos" page