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The list of equipment in use at this station is constantly evolving. As these changes take place, I'll try to keep the page updated. Newest updates in red type

The current list of equipment is as follows:


6 meters - Icom 756 Pro II


#1, Icom 756 pro II, w/ Inrad roofing filter

#2, Icom 756 pro II, w/  Inrad roofing filter

#3, Icom 761, w/ all available stock filters

Amp Supply LK-550Z, using 3 x 3-500Z tubes

Ameritron ALS-600 solid state amp w/ interface provides total "hands free" auto-switching.



DX Doubler by Top Ten Devices ** modified

**Added audio port and 2 Din ports to allow it to switch RTTY between  2 rigs 

Band Decoder by Top Ten Devices X 2

ICE 419B Bandpass filter X 2

Antenna switches include three "Stackmatches", two "Six-Pack" and one "Rat Pack" by WX0B and one RCS-8V by Ameritron

Heil headsets X 3, (one Proset+ w/ both elements, 2 Prosets w/ HC-4)

Bencher paddles X 3

MFJ Grand master CW Keyers X 2

home brew CT-17 type interfaces for Icom rigs X 2

2 Astron RS-35M, 1 Astron SS-25M and 1 Astron RM-60M Power Supplies

Logging software - N1MM, formerly used NA by K8CC

Computers now networked P3 / P4 machines running Windows® XP